Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My Special Place

A place where it is quiet......all my dreams come is for anyone at of my favourite places......a different world. Is there a place like this for you? So calm and nice? There is a place like this for me. The library. I went there on Monday after school and I always come out with a pile of books so high you can't see my head. All my other siblings are pretty much like that too. I have such a happy feeling every time I go there. I can't help but smile. It brings me to a different world. I could stay for hours! What great times I have had there. Some of my earliest memory's have been reading with mum in a beanbag in the library. I also remember learning where the food goes and how it is digested. How could such a simple place bring such joy? This is my special place. 

Love Grace <3

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