Tuesday, 10 July 2012

About Me

I have only had a blog for a little while and I have totally forgotten to tell you guys a bit about me.

So my name is Grace and I have a family of 5. Mum, Dad and two brothers. My youngest brother is 6 years younger. We are all pretty close in age. I am the oldest child. 
I go to a wonderful school and have lots of great friends.      
I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. (My whole family does).      
We have recently moved to a lovely house. My old house was very small, had a pink bathroom and was a bit moldy.      
B1 likes Lego and drawing, B2 likes imagining and pretending he is a ninja, Dad likes maths, computers and technical things and  Mum is crafty and is a great homemaker.    
My brothers and my dad have something called Aspergers. Aspergers is an interesting disorder/spectrum. They do things a bit differently to people. No one is the same with Aspergers. B1 is quiet and doesn't like noise and changes meanwhile B2 is very noisy. Dad is very clever and as I told you he likes maths and stuff that makes you totally confused. This is a bit tricky for all of us. They are just as equal as everyone else and I love them so much. 
B1 also has something quite rare. It is called beckwith weidemann sydrome.If you want to know more just go here

Aspergers probably explains to you why it was special that mum and I could go out to the city and be in crowds of people, eat different food and simple stuff like that.

 Grace <3

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